Giving away rutabagas in Blyth

Welcome to Blyth Sign, North End of Town (Photo by Craig Power, © 2016).

Blyth Community Betterment is hosting a Great Rutabaga Giveaway for the month of May.

Chair Annie Sparling said it is part of the Rutabaga Festival, which also includes a contest. She said the Festival and the Giveaway is their way of giving back to the community at a time when access to fresh vegetables might be a little difficult.

“We want to offer some free vegetables to folks as a way of just having them engage in a vegetable they might not be familiar with,” said Sparling. “And there’s all kinds of wonderful recipes that we offer online on our Facebook page and some fun activities that you can do with kids, with rutabagas.”

Sparling said free rutabagas can be picked up at the Blyth Food Market or picked up curbside every Thursday at the Blyth Outdoor Market, next to the pharmacy.

The rutabaga was first celebrated with a festival in Blyth about 25 years ago.