Huron County not adjusting tax ratios

Blackburn News file photo.

Huron County will not adjust tax ratios on farm land.

Treasurer Michael Blumhagen presented an information report at county council’s last meeting regarding the financial impact to the county on any adjustments to the tax ratio for farm land.

Representatives from the Huron County Federation of Agriculture as well as the Ontario Federation of Agriculture recently requested the county reduce the ratio for farm land from 25 per cent to 21.7 per cent.

County council voted against making any adjustment and Blumhagen explains the actual levy doesn’t change but the tax ratio determines what portion of that levy is paid by the various tax classes including residential, industrial and commercial.

Blumhagen points out a reduction on farm property would just shift that money to another tax class.

Blumhagen adds, the increase in the value of farm land over the last few years has been the driver in the increase in farm taxes, but that does fluctuate and there had been some anticipation of a reassessment from MPAC.