Farmers must work to get their message out to public

Andrew Campbell speaking at the TD Agricultural Summit (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Former CKNX Farm Director Andrew Campbell says farmers haven’t really done a good job of informing the public of what they do and why it’s important.

Speaking to about 150 farmers at a recent TD Agriculture Seminar, Campbell pointed out that animal rights activists have a very large army of people who are very dedicated to their cause and determined to get their message out.

But he said farmers tend to think getting their message out is something that should be left to a marketing board or somebody else.

“When in reality we’re one in eight jobs, in terms of agriculture and food in the country, but we don’t necessarily hear from those people about why they’re involved in the industry, why it’s important, why they think what they do matters.”

Campbell said he urges farmers to take advantage of every opportunity to tell their story.

Talk to your neighbour, talk to you friends about what it is that’s important to you and why you’re doing what you’re doing on your farm, because, trust me, even in our own community, even here in rural Ontario, there are lots of people who have no understanding and no background within agriculture.”