Helping farmers build resilience through a changing climate

Renowned speakers from both Canada and the US will deliver intensive and practical training meant to help farmers build resilience in a changing climate.

Over 30 speakers are expected at the 6th annual Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference in Belleville in December.

The theme is “Climate of Curiosity” and speaks to the nature of farmers as curious and resilient innovators in the face of the of climate change.

It runs December 2 to 5.

Officials from the EFAO say not only does climate change present an unprecedented challenge to productivity but profitability as well.

That includes challenges in dealing with droughts, heat and heavy rainfall. And with the challenges with the elements comes an increase in stress and anxiety levels as farm families cope.

In a release, the EFAO highlight Brent Preston and his wife Gillian Flies who have operated a certified organic farm in Creemore for 15 years.

Questions they have include; What is it going to be like to farm in 10 years? Is the kind of extreme weather that we’re experiencing [going to] get worse? And how is it going to impact the business?

There is more information about the 6th annual Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference at