Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week returns for a 54th run

Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week in January will be its 54th edition.

It’s scheduled to start Friday, January 3rd in Elmwood and run to Thursday, January 9th.

The days are set up to focus on goat, sheep, horse, dairy, beef, ecological and then wrap up with crops.

The event is tagged GBFW20.

Reflecting a deep concern for the wellness of farmers, at GBFW20 there will be three presentations about Mental Health in Agriculture.

And all of the days will be streamed live and live stream ticket holders will be able to access the conference content for one month following the event.

The panels are set up as follows:
Goat Day – one goat milk producer, and a Dairy Equipment Salesman, will provide a Virtual Tour of Dairy Goat Operations
Sheep Day – three producers will discuss their tips and insights about The Advancement of Technology Tools
on the Farm
Dairy Day – two producers, and a Business Management Specialist from OMAFRA, will share their perspectives on Farm Labour Management and Engagement
Beef Day – three producers will tease out Cover Crop Grazing
Ecological Day – three producers will share their thoughts about Transitioning to No-Till Vegetables and first year experiences
Crops Day – two producers and an Agronomy Advisor, will be on the stage for a session about Precision Ag and turning field data in results and dollars.

And keynote speakers will also deliver presentations each day.

For more details on the speakers planned for each day, you can refer to the Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week website at