Local federtion picks president at annual meeting and discuss issues

The Huron County Federation of Agriculture held its annual general meeting on Friday night.

Ethan Wallace was acclaimed as President of the Federation, but was unable to attend the meeting.

Second Vice-President, Mike Colclough talked a bit about some of the challenges facing farmers in the coming year.

“Other than the weather, there’s always the trade war, on-going trade war with Donald Trump and China. It’s really affecting us, mainly in the soy been sector. There’s a bit of a hurt over that, I can so that being a challenge coming up. Hopefully, maybe something positive comes out of that,” said Colclough.

The other issue is labour.

“It’s hard to find good workers. Nowadays just can’t seem to get any young people very interested to be honest, in this sector. When I was a kid there seemed to be a lot more eager to get into the tractor, but not so much anymore,” added Colclough.

The Outstanding Contribution to Agriculture Award went to Jacquie Bishop.