Bruce County plowing match

The Bruce County Plowing Match was held on the farm of John and Tracy Husk in Kinloss on Friday, August 30th.

Organizers say a good crowd enjoyed thebBeef BBQ and the plowing events.

The new Queen of the Furrow is Allison Pepper from Chesley.

Class 2 Horse Plow
John Dekroon, Perth
Scott Thomas, Bruce
Celie Diebold, Waterloo

Class 3 Horse Sulky Plow
Jim Shortreed, Huron
Durk DeVries, Grey
Julie Nellis, Grey
Don Roi, Grey
Jordan Shortreed, Huron
John Mighton, Bruce

Class 4 Under 15 Open
Logan Young, Bruce
Sarah Ferris, Bruce
Hayden Young, Bruce
Landon Young, Bruce

Class 5 Bruce County Under 15
Rylie Lowe, Bruce
Seth Young, Bruce

Class 7 2 Furrow IPM Competitors
Carman Weppler, Wellington
Paul Robinson, Bruce
Trent Ferris, Bruce
Valeri Monk, Bruce

Class 8 Tractor Open 3 Furrow Plows
Matt Magwood, Grey
Kevin Leudke, Bruce
Harold Leudke, Bruce

Class 12A Antique Trail Plows
Richard Elliott, Middlesex
Joey Parkinson, Wellington
Tom Thede, Bruce
Jack Elliott, Middlesex

Antique Junior
Branden Woelfly, Bruce

Class 12B Antique Mounted Plows
Paul Hodgson, Middlesex
Jim Cox, Oxford