GFO chair concerned about lack of compensation

The Chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario is disappointed that the federal government’s compensation package for approximately 11,000 Canadian dairy farmers does not include support for grain farmers.

“The federal government is neglecting grain farmers who are impacted by the volatile trade environment that has been created by political decisions outside of farmers control,” stated Markus Haerle in a release.

He notes the China/U.S. Trade war and Canada’s strained relationship with China are having an impact on their members ability to market their crop.

The GFO says the situation is being exacerbated by a strained relationship between China and Canada stemming from the arrest of a Chinese tech executive, which resulted in a slowing of Canadian soybean purchases by Chinese buyers.

Haerle says GFO will continue to advocate for better risk business risk management programs for Ontario grain farmers, and for a “trade war fund” that could help farmers through economic hurt caused by trade disputes.