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Goal of funding is to diversify markets for pork

The pork industry is getting an injection of up to $6 million to strengthen, diversify and grow Canada’s pork exports in priority markets around the world.

The investment is going to Canada Pork International.

Martin Lavoie is president and CEO of the group.

“AgriMarketing funding is fundamental to Canada Pork International programs and services. It supports CPI’s growth and demand building programs globally as well as the sales development efforts from our members. This agreement has been essential to the great success of the Verified Canadian Pork branding strategy in Japan and we are thrilled with the opportunity to continue our brand efforts in Japan and other markets,” said Lavoie.

The investment is to help Canada’s pork industry in their efforts to boost awareness of the industry in priority international markets, positioning Canadian pork producers to further benefit from new opportunities created by Canada’s free trade agreements.