Cattlmen’s priorities for upcoming election

The Canadian Cattleman’s Association has released it’s priorities for the upcoming federal election.

The document outlines key recommendations.

Some of the CCA recommendations include improving the capacity and efficiency of the industry through reducing regulatory burden and improving regulatory efficiencies; increasing access through trade advancements in current key markets including Asia for the 50 per cent of Canadian beef that is currently exported globally.

The CCA also wants the government to ratify the Canada, U.S, Mexico Agreement to further ease the flow of the beef trade in the highly integrated North American market.

Other priority areas of focus include increasing access to labour, adjusting the livestock tax deferral program and having a sufficiently funded and responsive business risk management suite.

The CCA is also stressing that Canadian beef producers protect and sustainably use 44.2 million acres of grasslands.

The election is October 21st.