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Food waste

Part of the federal government’s new Food Policy for Canada includes reducing food waste.

Minister of Agricultre Marie-Claude Bibeau was in BC, highlighting a $26.3 million investment through the recently launched Food Policy.

Responsible for one in eight jobs across the country, the food sector helps bolster the economy, particularly in rural communities.

But according to the government, food waste is an issue with more than 11 million metric tons of food wasted every year, worth nearly $50 billion.

The Government is discussing with key organizations concerned with food waste over the coming months to finalize the terms of the Food Waste Reduction Challenge, which will launch in early 2020.

The challenge is a $20 million investment that will fund the most innovative food waste reduction proposals in key areas such as the food processing, grocery retail and food service sectors.

Minister Bibeau also announced the Government of Canada is investing $6.3 million to cut its own food waste in federal facilities.