Ernie Hardeman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Tough planting season continues

The province’s agriculture minister is well aware of the tough planting season.

Ernie Hardeman has heard from numerous agriculture organizations and individuals about the adverse weather conditions for planting in May.

“We work with them and assist them and to make sure they look after themselves,” said Hardeman. “Don’t let this get the best of you.”

According to the latest OMAFRA Ontario Field Crop Report, progress was made over the last week in corn in areas with lighter textured soils. Those areas now have upwards of 80% of their intended corn acres planted. But regions with heavier textured soils such as Lambton, Essex, and Middlesex only have 30% of their corn acres planted.

Little progress has been made on soybean planting with less than 10% of acres estimated to be planted across the province.

“We’ve always had a good spring and planting season and harvest season, some better than others. We’ll get there,” said Hardeman.

Approximately 50% of the intended canola acres have been planted. But the field crop report is recommending that if canola is not planted by the end of this week, then there should be a switch to another crop as harvesting into September-October can be a challenge.