(Photo provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Poultry health a focus of new reasearch

New processes and products for poultry health, welfare and value will be will be the focus of a new project by the Poultry Research Council.

The federal government is providing $8.24 million through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership while the industry is kicking in $3.78 million.

The study will also aim to develop best management practices at the farm level to improve food safety and reinforce public trust.

Some of the expected results include the development of alternatives to antibiotics through research on antimicrobial use and resistance, as well as healthier and safer products by the poultry food chain.

The goal is to also improve the health and welfare of turkeys and laying hens, and maintain the long-term viability of the poultry value chain through improved bird production, virus benchmarking, development of precision agriculture tools, and controls on effluents from production operations affecting the environment and greenhouse gases.

In 2017, Canada produced poultry and egg products worth $4.4 billion, contributing 7.1 % of cash receipts to farming operations.