The outside of some of the pipe used in contour tile drainage at a demonstration site near Clinton. (Submitted photo)

Controlling tile drainage

The President of the Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association says the project the they’re conducting on their Huronview demonstration site near Clinton should provide some valuable information about tile drainage.

Doug Walker explains they’ve partnered with the Ausable Bayfield Conservatiion Authority to compare conventional tile drainage to contour tile drainage that involves control gates that can shut off the flow of water when they want the water to remain on the field.

“We’re going to be comparing conventional tile drainage and how it compares to contour tile drainage that is controlled by a control gate that we can shut off the flow of the water if we want the water to stay on the field,” said Walker. “This is unique in that it’s sloping land and we’re hoping that by installing this type of tile drains that we can improve the yields and maybe control the amount of phosphorous and stuff that could be leaving through the tile drain.”

Walker says they’re inviting the public to a special Demonstration Day at the Huronview site, just behind the Huron County Health Unit on June 15th.