Milking robot showcase a hot spot at XPO in Stratford

The Milking Robot Showcase at the Canadian Dairy XPO in Stratford in April of 2019. (Photo by Ashley Ferraro)

The Canadian Dairy XPO prides themselves on showcasing the latest innovations in agriculture. This year, the Milking Robot Showcase was a hot spot for many visitors.

The model on display this year was the winner of the ASABE Outstanding Innovations Award 2019.

Marketing Manager for DeLaval, Mark Futcher says that the cows and the dairy farmers drive innovation. Futcher says that the model used for the Milking Robot Showcase is leading in accuracy, productivity and performance.

“So in the past we used to talk about a maximum of maybe 180 milking per day with a robot. Now we’re talking about 210. So it’s a monumental jump in performance and productivity,” said Futcher. “I think that ultimately the cows and our customers drive innovation. We respond to that demand and need, and it’s all in the spirit of efficiency and progress.”

–with files from Ashley Ferraro