Panel at Canadian Dairy XPO talks about popular questions

This panel “Do we know them - our consumers?” discussed popular questions that consumers are asking. The discussion took place at the 2019 Canadian Dairy XPO in Stratford. (Photo by Ashley Ferraro)

A panel discussing consumer trust made audience members consider new perspectives as they walked away.

The Canadian Dairy XPO is showcasing many panels to dig deep into big questions surrounding the biggest challenges in dairy farming. The speakers were all from different walks of life were chosen to discuss consumer habits and the public’s mentality towards dairy farming.

Owner of Fraberts Fresh Foods, Jackie Fraser, says that she deals with questions from young mothers.

“Ever since the USMCA, I’m getting questions about the little blue cow. It’s great, it warms my heart that people are looking for the little blue cow and they want to make sure they are buying local,” said Fraser.

Fraser says that many are misinformed through the internet but she uses her farming background to help ease stress of off patrons.

“The stuff they come in with sometimes just blows my mind away,” said Fraser. “There is a lot of misinformation out there, activist groups spouting off misinformation and gives us a big job.”

Fraser says promoting education and developing a bond with consumers has been a powerful tool.

–with files from Ashley Ferraro