Canadian Poultry XPO slated for November 2020 in Stratford

Canadian Dairy XPO has announced their plans to start another show, Canadian Poultry XPO.

The new event will take place in Stratford on November 4th and 5th of 2020. General Manager and Founder of Canadian Dairy XPO, Jordon Underhill says that having a poultry show was a part of their vision from the beginning.

“It’s just another category that has become highly automated and robotic. The interesting part is the crossover from dairy to poultry. We know from our survey results that 18 per cent of the dairymen and women coming to the Dairy XPO already have poultry quota and 42 per cent are interested in poultry production,” said Underhill.

Underhill explains that there is a high crossover between dairy and poultry. Both are highly automated and robotic.

“You have very specialized people and very specialized product for both categories. A trade show allows farmers to come together and not only learn from industry but from each other,” added Underhill.

He has spent many years attending various poultry shows across North America and Europe to find the best brands and latest technology. And while he points out that dairy and poultry have some similarities, they also some unique differences that will be acknowledged and highlighted at the event launching next year.

CPX will feature three major trade show halls with over 200 poultry-focused exhibiting companies from more than 30 countries; 400 ft. state-of-the-art Poultry Demo Coliseum with interactive demonstrations showcasing the latest in robotics and innovation; world-class education and knowledge transfer through global speakers, industry experts; and producer panels Hospitality and networking opportunities for producers and industry.

The inaugural CPX is scheduled for November 4 and 5, 2020 at the Stratford Rotary Complex.

“As far as the concept and the model, it will be very similar to dairy. You have to go with what works and there’s no reason in terms of what has worked in the Dairy XPO why it won’t work for poultry. Innovation and robotics will be the main driver and the main push for the first year,” concluded Underhill.

–with files from Ashley Ferraro