March Classic a review and a look ahead for growers

Grain Farmers of Ontario is encouraging crop producers to get excited about being in the agriculture industry.

The theme of their March Classic this year in London was “building momentum.”

Manager of Communications for Grain Farmers of Ontario, Victoria Barry, says the industry is changing, but that’s not a bad thing.

“There is no better time than the present to think about how you will continue to grow your business, how you will continue to move forward,” said Barry. “Think new ways, embrace change as it’s coming and find the opportunity in that.”

Barry says the GFO is working towards building communities, growing new markets, educating the public, finding new end uses for crops, and fostering advocacy.

It was also a chance to look ahead to this growing season as crop farmers gathered to discuss industry issues and collect new information.

The biggest talking point from last season is still a focus this year, vomitoxin.

Assistant Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission, Doug Chorney says that although many feel worried about the future, there are ways to minimize risk.

“We really don’t know ahead of the season other than the fact that there is a lot of material left in the trash on fields that would be a good host for the disease to flourish,” says Chorney. “But it is tough to predict.”

Chorney encourages farmers to rotate their crops to those that are immune to the fungus which can help decrease the spread of vomitoxin.

–with files from Ashley Ferraro