Ontario Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman (L) and Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker (R) at the Owen Sound roundtable discussion Tuesday, Dec. 18th. (photo by Kirk Scott)

Governments change some compensation programs

The federal and provincial governments are reducing regulatory burdens that deal with livestock losses.

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program has been updated.

To help farmers access compensation when they lose livestock to predators, changes to the federal/provincial program include:

  • more ways to provide sufficient evidence to prove wildlife predation
  • a more independent and transparent appeal process
  • better training for municipal investigators to assess predation
  • compensation that better reflects market prices

And Ontario is also making changes to the Commodity Loan Guarantee Program after the high levels of DON in this year’s corn crop.

The repayment deadline is being extended from February 28 to September 30 for the 2018 and 2019 program years, on a pilot basis.
And the government is increasing the maximum guaranteed loan limit under the CLGP from $120 million to $200 million for the 2019 and 2020 program years, on a pilot basis.

The change to the Commmodity Loan Program in Ontario is already getting some quick reaction.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario likes the extension of the repayment schedule and the funding cap increase from $120 million to $200 million.

The program allows farmers to have flexibility in their business operations and continue to build their businesses while waiting on revenue from their production.

In November of 2018, Grain Farmers of Ontario suggested that changes to the program would help farmers dealing with extreme harvest issues across the province.