GFO agrees with Health Canada on glyphosate

The Grain Farmers of Ontario says it is supporting and commending Health Canada on confirming that glyphosate is not a risk to human health, including cancer, or a risk to the environment.

In a release, GFO CEO Barry Senft says glyphosate is an important tool for the organization’s farmer-members, and is pleased that Health Canada and the Pest Management Regulatory Authority stands by their assessment of glyphosate from 2017.

The decision on glyphosate came after a thorough scientific review of relevant data from the federal and provincial government, all international regulatory agencies, scientific reports and pesticide manufactures.

Findings include:
• No pesticide regulatory agency in the world finds glyphosate a risk to humans at levels they are currently exposed.
• Glyphosate is not a risk to human health, including the risk of cancer at levels humans are currently exposed.
• Glyphosate does not cause an environmental risk of concern to; levels in water, impact on milkweed or monarch butterflies, or to soil microbes and soil chemistry.