Cover crops in Huron County, like this colourful multi-species cover crop, reduce erosion, lessen impacts on water, and protect and improve soil health. (Submitted photo)

New website to help farmers with cover crops

A new web site has taken the guess work out for farmers trying to decide what cover crop to use.

The web site is called the Cover Crop Decision Tool.

Ausable Bayfield Stewardship Manager Kate Monk says it’s a free site and while it is American based, it does break down Ontario by county.

“If you have compaction, or if you need to fix nutrients, or you need to build organic matter, once you’ve identified that, you can use an online tool that will then enable you to identify what to put in the mix,” said Monk. “And it can identify when you want to plant it and all those sorts of things.”

Monk says seed dealers are learning more as well as more people plant cover crops and report back to the seed dealer on their results.

“The thing that we’re still learning as well with cover crops is that one year varies so much from the next depending on temperature and moisture,” added Monk. “But in terms of picking the right cover crop to help your soil health has come along immensely.”