Dairy Farmers Of Canada share food guide concerns

Dairy Farmers of Canada is voicing concerns about Health Canada’s revised Canada Food Guide.

It’s being released this month.

DFC said there are indications the document would de-emphasize the scientifically proven nutritional value and health benefits of dairy products by eliminating the Milk and Alternatives group and actively advocating that Canadians shift towards consuming more plant-based sources of protein.

Officials said it’s a double whammy for the industry by not only leading future generations to think that dairy products are unhealthy, but will also have an effect on a sector that continues to be negatively impacted by the concessions granted in recent trade agreements.

“There is no scientific justification to minimize the role of milk products in a healthy diet as they are a key source of 6 of the 8 nutrients that most Canadians already fall short of. The current scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that the daily consumption of two to four servings of milk products has a beneficial role to play in promoting bone health and preventing several chronic diseases that Health Canada wants to address with the new Food Guide such as hypertension, colorectal cancer, Type 2 diabetes and stroke,” said Isabelle Neiderer is the director of nutrition and research for Dairy Farmers of Canada and is a registered dietitian.

Neiderer pointed to research showing milk proteins rank as some of the highest quality protein available.

Up until this point, milk and dairy products have been recognized in Canada’s Food Guide for more than 75 years.