Federal Agriculture and Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay. (Submitted photo)

Science and innovation for agriculture

The federal government in investing $70 million over five years to hire scientists and science professionals in emerging fields of agriculture.

Minister Lawerence MacAulay made the announcement today near Harrow in southwestern Ontario.

$44 million of the amount will be used to not only hire scientists but also equip them with state-of-the-art tools to advance agricultural research including environmental sampling equipment and analytical instruments.

Part of the goal is to continue to provide the tools farmers need to better manage their farms, while growing their businesses.

There is also money earmarked for a new Living Laboratories Initiative, including $10 million to support collaborative research projects with external partners.
Living Laboratories are an integrated approach to agricultural research that bring farmers, scientists and other stakeholders together to co-develop, test and monitor new practices and technologies on farms.

This $70 million investment in research and development fulfills the Budget 2017 commitment to support discovery science and innovation.