Fertilizer Blending Facility Opens Near Walkerton

Huron Bay Co-operative celebrates its official grand opening of its newly constructed 7,000 Tonne capacity fertilizer blending and storage facility at its Walkerton location.

On the co-operative’s 40 acre site, the new facility is equipped to carry up to 12 different products at once.

“This new system is fast and efficient and will have a great impact in fulfilling the year-round demands of many of our growers managing hay-ground and grass pastures along with the regular spring grains, canola, corn, soybeans and winter wheat,” said Huron Bay President Sam Luckhardt.

The facility is capable of mixing and loading 400-plus tonne a day of blended mixes through the two 12 tonne vertical mixers and can by-pass the mixers and load straight product if need be.

“The 60 ft. tower houses six, 20T holding bins making it more efficient for local farmers who want to have their order ready upon arrival,” said Jeff Hurst, Huron Bay Co-operative general manager.

The 18,000 sq. ft. floor space is equipped with in-floor heating throughout to maintain a dry environment for storage of product.

Alongside the 90’ weigh-scale is a new sales and customer-service office equipped with showers for employees. Hurst says having the extra office space is a good safety practice keeping the dust levels down and keeping customers in a safe zone.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony today begins at 11:30 a.m. with opening remarks from local officials and Huron Bay Co-operative representatives, followed by lunch and tours of the facility.

Huron Bay Co-op provides agricultural related products and services to its 2500 members and to rural residents in the counties of Bruce, West Grey and North Huron.

The co-operative provides products, services and expertise in agronomy, energy and feed as well as serves the local communities through its ACE branded farm stores and garden centres.