Eggs courtesy of Sue Storr

Eggs And Ginseng On Minister’s List

A busy day for Canada’s agriculture minister on Tuesday.

Lawrence MacAulay’s first stop included an announcement for egg farmers.

An $844,000 investment into the development of an electronic scan to determine the gender and fertility of eggs, helping to increase the capacity and efficiency of hatcheries.

The Canadian egg industry contributes over $1 billion a year and employing 17,000 people.

The current project could lead to the commercial adoption of the imaging technology that enables eggs to be non-invasively scanned soon after they are laid.

Then from eggs to ginseng.

$360,521 in federal money is being given to the Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association (OGGA) to help promote and pursue new markets, including India which provides potential to further increase demand for Canadian-grown ginseng beyond its traditional Asian markets.

This investment under the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership, AgriMarketing Program.