Field Crop Report

This week’s OMAFRA Field Crop Report shows activity is in full gear as soils are fit for fieldwork.

Fields that were planted to cover crops last fall – both fall and spring terminated – have required more tillage than fields without cover.

The winter wheat crop continues to advance Final nitrogen application, as well as herbicide and fungicide applications continue. To date disease pressure remains low in Ontario with field scouts continuing to be on the lookout for stripe rust. Red clover seedlings have emerged.

Significant growth over the past week has many fields nearing bud stage. 1st cut will begin late next week.

As of May 17th about 75% of the crop is in the ground, although there are areas of heavy soils where almost no corn has been planted. Corn planted at the beginning of May has started to emerge. Corn planted now is being planted into warm soils and emerging rapidly.

Soybean planting is about 10 to 15% complete, although very few no-till beans have been planted to date.

Planting of canola continues in Bruce, Grey, Wellington, with estimates that 20% of intended acres will still be planted.
Canola planted in early May is emerging now. Mid-May is probably the latest canola should be planted in order to avoid swede midge damage, and to avoid hot temperatures during flowering.