Left, IPM Chair Jacquie Bishop, right: Administrative Coordinator Brian McGavin. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Money Flows From 2017 IPM

The Chair and the Administrative Coordinator of the 2017 International Plowing Match in Walton presented Huron County municipal officials with a summary of the match at their meeting in Howick Township this week.

Chair Jacquie Bishop ran over some of the highlights of the Match and said they don’t have final numbers yet but they have dispersed some of the money from the Match.

She explained they’ve given $2,000 to each of their committee chairs to give back to the charity of their choice and they’ve also paid all of the service clubs at the minimum wage rate for all of the work they did to make the Match a success.

But the group is still crunching the final numbers.

“We are a partner with the Ontario Plowmans Association so we are still finalizing our numbers with the Ontario Plowmans Association,” said Biship. “And very soon we will be able to release the final dollar value that will all come back into the community of Huron County.”

That number will be posted on their Facebook page.