Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson at Meet the Members Da in Clinton, hosted by the Huron County Federation of Agriculture. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron-Bruce MPP Talks Processing

The MPP for Huron-Bruce feels the area has some of the best farmers and some of the best products.

But, Lisa Thompson also feels more can be done to help bring proecssing closer to the raw product.

Thompson says being able to add value to the product would also help with effieciency.

“We could realize some cost efficiencies if we could bring more processing close to the raw product,” said Thompson. “And to that end, I think we need to talk about making an inviting climate for business to invest in so that we can add value to our agri-food commodities.”

Thompson adds producers give money away by shipping products out of the area for someone else to process.

“I really think it’s something that can be achieved but we just have to have the right people in place, talking about it and creating the climate to make that investment happen,” she says.

Thompson made the comments at the recent Meet the Members Day, hosted by the Huron County Federation of Agriculture.