Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson. ( stock photo)

Huron-Bruce MPP Says Assessment Problems Need Solving

Property assessments continue to be an issue for the farming community.

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson spoke at the recent Huron County Federation Meet the Members Day in Clinton.

She says there are many situations where unusable property is being taxed at residential rates and used specific examples in Morris-Turnberry and Howick Township.

“My office has personally worked with an individual from Howick Township and we were able to work with MPAC and turn that around so the proper valuation of land and assessment ultimately is brought forward,” said Thompson. “People in Huron County deserve to have their voices heard and to have people realize if you have a swamp at the back of your property it should not be taxed at a residential rate. And so there was consensus around the room that that’s an issue that we should make sure people in Toronto have heard loud and clear.”

She says the people at MPAC have to understand if you have a swamp at the back of your property, it shouldn’t be taxed at a residential rate.