Optimism In Huron Farming Community

The president of the Huron Federation of Agriculture says there is optimism in the farming community.

It was ‘Meet The Members Day’ in Clinton on Friday.

Erica Murray stated the general mood is one of optimism and farmers seem very interested in working together.

“OFA is doing a great job with that with the Producing Prosperity, which the Western Wardens has come on board with,” said Murray. “Jim Ginn was talking about the fact that they showed it to the Chamber, it lined up with what the Chamber of Commerce is thinking so, Producing Prosperity is sort of a key component as to how people were feeling today.”

Murray says one area of concern is the dispute with MPAC over property taxes for farmland.

“The Property tax issue was brought forward to county council in January by Huron Federation. As well as what Morris-Turnberry took to ROMA earlier this year,” said Murray. “It just means we have to be louder sharing our story, making sure that people understand how agriculture works.”