Durham-area farmer Michael Schmidt (BlackburnNews.com photo)

Raw Milk Supporters Want Injunction Stayed

The raw milk fight is in the spotlight again.

In January, York Region was granted an injunction under the Milk Act for Durham-area dairy farmer Michael Schmidt to permanently stop distributing unpasteurized milk products to the farm’s members. The members are part-owners of the farm and the cows.

21 of the members, including Schmidt’s wife Elisa Vander Hout, have filed a motion with the Ontario Court of Appeal to have the injunction stayed.

Vander Hout says people want the raw milk products for their health and don’t want to face the possibility of criminal charges.

“The goal of the applicants is to obtain legal raw milk. They don’t want to be persecuted any more and have to be afraid that by getting raw milk they risk getting prosecuted or their supplier or farmer gets prosecuted,” says Vander Hout.

The motion for the stay of the injunction will be heard Friday in Toronto by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Vander Hout says right now, the milk is going to their pigs and chickens.