REACH-ing For Education In Clinton

The REACH Centre in Clinton will hold and Applicant Information Day on March 6th for incoming students of the Ridgetown College Equine Care and Management Diploma program and the Performance Horse Handler Certificate program.

Samantha Tapper is the Student Services Coordinator for Ridgetown’s Equine Programs at the REACH Centre.
She says the the Applicant Information Day gives anyone who has applied to either program a chance to see the facility, meet the instructors, meet some of the horses, and get a feel for what the programs are.

Tapper says they’re expecting about 25 incoming students and their parents on Applicant Information Day. Students come from all over Canada.

The Applicant Information Day starts with registration at 10:00 in the morning on March 6th at the Reach Centre and runs until about 1:20.

“We have students from Nova Scotia, students from Newfoundland, from Quebec, we have students from all over Ontario, Alberta, we have B.C., Saskatchewan so, it’s a lot of people coming into the area, which is great, not only for us as a school, but for Clinton”, adds Tapper.