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Cashing In On Canada’s Agriculture Day

Millions of dollars will be poured into three key areas as part of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The three key areas were announced as part of Canada’s Agriculture Day Tuesday.

The Partnership is a progressive $3-billion, federal-provincial-territorial agreement and was developed with input from provincial and territorial partners, as well as industry.

The three ares:

$297 million for growing trade and expanding markets. The program will providing core industry services, such as timely market information and sector expertise to help improve the sector’s competitiveness, growth and adaptability.

$690 million for innovative and sustainable growth of the sector. The program is designed to enhance the competitiveness of the sector through research, science and innovation, and adoption of innovative products and practices. The emphasis will be on the environment and clean growth.

$166.5 million to supporting diversity and a dynamic, evolving sector. The program is meant to strengthening the sector by better reflecting the diversity of Canadian communities, enhancing collaboration across different jurisdictions through a new Regional Collaborative Partnerships Program, securing and supporting public trust in the sector, and improving client services.

Government officials say economic indicators show a strong and dynamic Canadian agricultural sector, with a growing global middle class looking for our world-class products.

Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister, Lawrence MacAulay made the announcement in Ottawa.

Meanwhile thousands of Canadians participated in Canada’s Agriculture Day events across the country.

It’s the second consecutive year a day has been set aside for a national celebration of food and those involved in agriculture.

Canada’s Agriculture Day inspired hundreds of events across the country, opened doors to food conversations through social media, and showcased the industry to young people who attended a day-long, marquee event in Ottawa.

It was among the top topics trending in Canada on Twitter and thousands of people engaged through a variety of events, from small community gatherings to large forums.