Stephen Kell at Grey Bruce Farmers' Week in 2018. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

A Good Time To Grow Grains And Oil Seeds

It’s not a bad time to be growing grains and oil seeds.

Parrish and Heimbecker’s business manager Stephen Kell had that message for farmers at Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week.

Kell says prices may not be as high as they were when drought hit the midwest in 2012.

But, he says, prices are decent and demand is growing.

“We’ve had growth in demand for both corn and soybeans over the last four or five years that has outrun speed of production to the point that in 2017 we’re going to use more corn than we grew,” says Kell.

Kell adds that allows surplus grain to be used up. He says midwestern Ontario is an excellent location because of its proximity to the Port in Goderich, the St. Lawrence Seaway and ocean going shipping.

“Once you’re on ocean freighters the world gets to be an extremely small place so that gives access to a farmer in Bruce or Grey or Huron Counties. It’s essentially access to the whole world.”

Kell adds the jury’s still out on the overall effect of what would happen if NAFTA is killed.

But he says grain producers won’t be overly affected because essentially free trade exists in those commodities anyway.