OMAFRA's Andrew Barrie At Grey Bruce Farmers' Week in Elmwood. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Soil Talk In Elmwood

An OMAFRA environmental specialist says it’s vital to protect the soil we grow our food in.

Andrew Barrie notes just three per cent of the earth’s surface is suitable for growing food and southern Ontario has half the class one soil in Canada.

But it’s being lost to things like development and erosion.

Barrie says it’s not a crisis yet but we can’t let it get to that point.

He says it’s in everyone’s interest to protect our soil.

“Healthy soil produces healthy food. Agriculture, when you cut right down to it, is a business but it is also food production. So healthy soil means healthy food not just today but tomorrow and into the future,” says Barrie.

OMAFRA is in the process of coming up with a plan called Ontario’s Agricultural Soil Health Conservation Strategy.

The final document is expected this spring.

Andrew Barrie was a speaker on Ecological Day at Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week in Elmwood.