Andrew Campbell at Grey Bruce Farmers' Week. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Farmers Need To Get A Positive Message Out

It’s up to farmers themselves to get the message out their products are safe, affordable and animal-friendly.

That according to a speaker at Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week.

Andrew Campbell says negative messages are becoming too prevalent.

He says farmers can’t expect others to get a positive message out, they have to do it themselves.

“We just assume people trust where their food comes from and for a long time they did but today people have questions about it they have concerns about it. So now we have to have this conversation that we haven’t had for 40 years about that we’re doing to ensure food safety,” says Campbell.

He says Canadian food is among the safest, most affordable and animal-friendly in the world and farmers can’t expect others to send that message.

He says simply talking to people can be the best.

“Church groups, your Lions Club, your golf night whoever it is that’s not involved in agriculture are people that you want to have a conversation with so that when they go to the grocery store they’re looking for things that are Canadian and they’re felling good about buying that Canadian product,” says Campbell.

Campbell says social media can be valuable in getting the positive message out but that can have drawbacks.

Groups like animal activists can twist messages and take them out of context.

He says talking to friends and neighbours who aren’t farmers is still one of the best ways.