Day 1 of the 52nd Annual Grey Bruce Farmers Week in Elmwood. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Farmers Converge For Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week

It’s become a new year’s tradition.

The 52nd annual Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week is underway at the Elmwood Community Centre.

Hundreds will turn out to hear speakers and panels discussing agricultural issues of the day.

Wednesday is Beef Day.

Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week is put on by Grey Agricultural Services along with representatives from all the commodity groups. Organizer Lorie Smith says what’s important is practical advice.

“I want the people every day to walk home with something they can do in their barn. It’s great to have forward thinking topics and we do have some of those but I want something actionable that they can actually make something happen that day,” says Smith.

She adds it’s input from farmers themselves that makes the week so successful.

“It’s produced by farmers. Our committee are farmers so they know exactly what they want to hear, they give us the ideas and we run with them so it’s a very cooperative effort.”

The big change this year is Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week is live streamed so if the weather is bad you can watch online. Go to to register.

The week also includes a trade show with a variety of exhibitors.