(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Weisman)

Beekeepers Association Against Recent Decision

The Ontario Beekeepers Association is not too happy with the recent decision by the federal government’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

The OBA feels that the continued registration of two widely-used neonics for corn and soy is not acceptable.

Officials from the group that reprsents beekpers says the decision goes against overwhelming scientific evidence showing acute and chronic effects on bees, and the experience of Ontario beekeepers whose bees continue to suffer from a decade of overuse of neonics on soy, corn and winter wheat.

OBA president Jim Coneybeare says in Ontario they are still seeing dead or dying, twitching bees in front of hives.

The two neonics in question have been applied as seed treatments on as much as 99% of corn and 65% of soy planted in Ontario.

In 2015, the Ontario government determined that only 15 – 20% of crop acreage required pest protection using neonicotinoid seed treatments and initiated legislation to limit access to pesticide-treated seed only to farmers who can demonstrate they need protection from the pests targeted by this pesticide.