Perth County Business Earns Innovation Award

A Perth County agri-food business and a number of Wellington County businesses earned a Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.

The awards honour the contributions of hard-working and innovative people across the province who are creating new agri-food products, adding value to existing products, supporting job creation and building economic growth in Ontario.

Perth County Ingredients is Canada’s only egg-drying facility and has adapted an innovative vertical egg dryer from Europe to enhance its dehydration operations.
The first of its kind in North America, the newly installed system can process eggs quicker than conventional dryers, increasing capacity and productivity. By optimizing the temperature, the processors expect the new technology will increase the shelf life and solubility of their powdered products, without compromising essential nutrients.

Now, the company is eyeing customized products for specialty markets such as whey powder from liquid whey.

And Fergus based Jewels Under the Kilt won its second Premier’s Award after being presented one in 2015.

The company produces a number of roasted Ontario nuts in a range of flavours and is now infusing Maple Syrup into their product.