GFO Supports Ethanol Proposal

Grain Farmers of Ontario likes the Ontario Government’s proposal to increase the ethanol mandate in the province.

The government of Ontario released its proposed amendments to the Ethanol in Gasoline regulation last week on the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights. The proposal includes an increase to the mandate for ethanol in regular grade gasoline from 5% to 10% by 2020.

GFO Chair Mark Brock says corn ethanol produced in Ontario increases market opportunities for local farmers. It is also an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars on the road and the ethanol industry generates jobs and economic activity for the province.

Farmers are not the only ones who will benefit from growth within the biofuels industry. Income stability for Ontario’s grain farmers becomes money spent in rural communities.

An October 2017 study by Doyletech Corporation found that the economic impact of increasing the provincial ethanol mandate to 10% will contribute an additional $638 million per year to Ontario’s economy.

The government’s proposed amendments to the Ethanol in Gasoline regulation have been posted for review and comment and Grain Farmers of Ontario will be making a submission to support the increased use of ethanol.