(Photo courtesy of Agriculture and AgriFoodCanada)

Canada Working On Trade For Pork And Peas

The doors to Canadian pork are being opened in Argentina.

It’s expected pork exports to Argentina will be worth $16 million a year.

It’s part of Canada’s efforts to reach a $75 billion goal in annual agri-food exports by 2025 and creating jobs.

Wednesday’s announcement builds on a visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Argentina last year, when both leaders acknowledged the progress made to date and the steps needed to allow trade of Canadian pork to Argentina to resume.

Meanwhile Canadian officials are working to find out what’s happening with pulse exports to India.

Earlier this month, India announced a 50% tariff on dry pea imports from all countries, a decision that was made without any notice.

Also, India’s government did not extend an agreement that dealth with the fumigation process of pulses for the first time since 2004.

Canada’s exports of pulses to India, including dry peas, were worth over $1.1 billion and accounted for 27.5 % of Canada’s global pulse exports.