Sirloin steak. (File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / erwinova)

Montly Meat Production High In U.S.

According the USDA, there were all-time monthly record highs for red meat and pork production in October.

Commercial red meat production in the U.S. totaled 4.64 billion pounds in October, up 5% from the 4.43 billion pounds in October of 2016.

Beef production was up 4% however the average live weight was down 20 lbs from the previous year.

Veal production was 3% below last year’s mark.

Pork production totatled 2.32 billion pounds, up 5% from the previous year and the average live weight was steady at 282 lbs.

Lamb and mutton production, at 11.9 million pounds, was up 2 percent from October 2016.