Soy Canada Part Of China Trade Mission

Officials from Soy Canada were part of the trade mission to China.

And the message from the group about Canadian soybeans, quality and record high supply.

Vice-chair of Soy Canada, Ernie Sirski, says they heard that Canada is reliable and maintains a positive reputation for supplying high quality soybeans. China’s demand this year is over 95 million tonnes.

During the trade mission, Soy Canada participated in Export Cafés in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, and promoted Canadian soybeans at the annual Food and Hospitality Show in Shanghai.

China is the largest export market for the Canadian soybean sector.

In 2016, approximately 1.8 million tonnes, or 37%, of Canada’s food-grade and commodity soybean exports were shipped to the region at an export value of nearly $1 billion.