OFA Meeting Sets Campaign For 2018

More than 400 agricultural representatives met in Toronto this week to discuss the issues and opportunities facing farmers and rural Ontario, and the investments and policies needed to support growth in the agri-food sector, at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s (OFA) annual general meeting.

The OFA represents 37,000 members.

Collingwood area farmer Keith Currie was acclaimed as president and will serve a 1-year term.

“There are tremendous opportunities and plenty to look forward to in Ontario agriculture right now,” said Keith Currie, OFA president. “We talked a lot about the need to distribute economic development across rural and urban areas – a concept that will benefit growth and prosperity for the entire province, and strengthen our rural communities. Based on the level of member feedback and engagement at this year’s annual meeting, we have a clear and positive direction to advocate with government for the infrastructure needed to make this a reality.”

OFA launched the organization’s political campaign for the 2018 provincial election Producing Prosperity at the annual meeting. The election campaign illustrates why distributed economic development is necessary for rural Ontario to grow and prosper, and offers solutions to boost the province’s economy and stimulate rural Ontario’s communities.

The campaign was also the theme of OFA’s annual meeting, including the topic of the keynote speaker, grassroots member discussions and questions to guest speakers, including representatives of Ontario’s political parties.