Cellulosic Sugar Co-op Hosting Field Demonstrations

BlackburnNews.com photo

A pair of field demo days in Chatham-Kent this week will give farmers a closer look at the process involved in harvesting corn stalks and wheat straw to be used to make high dextrose sugar.

Brian Cofell, general manager of the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-op, says they need to contract 55,000 acres.

“We are actually going to bale corn stalks and wheat straw and we will actually make high-dextrose sugar,” he says. “We’re working with a company out of London named Comet, and the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative and Comet will build a plant called Comet Sarnia. We will actually produce the sugar and we’ll hit some new North American markets.”

Cofell says the demo will help people understand exactly what they’re trying to do.

“We want them to see kind of a mini-harvest from us,” he says. “We’re going to come in, we’re going to flail chop, windrow, and bale all the corn stocks just as if we would if we show up to their farm next year. A key thing is, is the co-op does all the work in the field for the bailing, the growers do not do any bailings.”

“We come in with our balers, wind choppers, stackers, and then transportation group,” says Cofell. “We want people to understand that we’re here to respect their land. We actually can only go on their land, year after year, with their permission. We just want to show people that we’re here to respect their land, and that we’re here to do a good job.”

A field demo is being held on Thursday, November 16 at Vanek Farms, 11276 Brook Line, Dresden, at 1 pm.

Another demo is taking place on Friday, November 17 at DFG Farms – Dave Gillespie – 21934 Victoria Rd., Thamesville, at 1 pm.

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