Studying Hazelnut Trees In Ontario

Hazelnut trees. © Can Stock Photo / rjcphoto

The federal government is providing over $492,000 to the Ontario Hazelnut Association to help develop the hazelnut Industry.

The test plot is near Simcoe, Ontario near Lake Erie.

Peter Fragiskatos is the MP for London North Centre and says it’s a project that will help understand just how big the nut industry can grow across Canada.

“The research findings that will be generated from this investment will help us understand how to increase the yields when it comes to hazelnuts,” said Fragiskatos. “It will be used to understand how hazelnut trees can overcome drought stress and how we can also maximize the amount each hazelnut tree can produce.”

Fragiskatos says it’s important that the agriculture continues to diversify and grow and that includes new products.

The project is a three way partnership between the University of Guelph, Ferrero Canada and the government.

Guelph researchers along with Ferrero officials will track the study.