IPM In Walton Grabs The Attention Of Over 75,000 People

An aerial shot of the 2017 IPM in Walton. (Photo courtesy of the Ontario Plowmen's Association)

Over 75,000 people attended the International Plowing Match in Walton this year.

Officials released the tally on Thursday.

Over four days, 76,546 people visited the shows, exhibits and booths that were set up.

The IPM had to be shut down on the Wednesday due to weather and conditions but changes were made to accommodate the rest of the week.

Fifty four buses rescheduled their attendance to the IPM after the Wednesday was cancelled. And youth played a big role in the attendance with a total of 202 buses arriving at the match through the week.

IPM Chair Jacquie Bishop says all stakeholders met the challenge of the weather to keep things going, and volunteers went the extra mile to keep things going.

The IPM will be in Chatham-Kent next year.