Dairy Under A New NAFTA

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / PicsFive

An international relations expert says the Americans are going to want more access to the dairy market than other trade deals.

The US listed it’s North American Free Trade Agreement goals Monday.

Canada West Foundation trade and bilateral relations expert Carlo Dade is the director of the Trade & Investment Centre.

“The industry is going to be hit regardless of NAFTA,” says Dade. “The question under NAFTA is how much of the market are we going to open up to the Americans?”

Dade says the dairy market is already open with the new trade agreement with Europe through CETA and now the US wants in.

“They want access to the Canadian market. They have complete and total access to the Mexican market and they can’t understand why they have zero access to the Canadian market.”

The US is also looking for more access to the wine and grain market.

Talks are expected to start on or around August 16th.