(photo by Victor Young)

New Veterinary Service In Stratford

There is a new swine veterinary practice and Poultry Health Service in the City of Stratford.

South West Ontario Veterinary Services has partnered in a new office/warehouse in the Wright Business Park.

The new veterinary practices facility will provide upgraded pharmacy, diagnostic, information and research services to the swine and poultry industries.

The 14,000-sq. ft. building began construction in 2016 and has been operational since February 2017 employing over 40 people in a wide range of positions.

South West Partner and Veterinarian Dr. Doug MacDougald says they have consolidated three of our four locations in Ontario to this new office.

He says they have also partnered with Poultry Health Services led by Dr. Ben Schlegel.

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson says Stratford is an agricultural hub for Ontario’s pork and poultry industries.