Students And Agriculture In Seaforth file photo by Simon Crouch.

The Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival will mark its 25th event today and tomorrow in Seaforth.

Festival Coordinator, Elizabeth Hawkins, says they’ll have roughly 575 grade four students representing 14 schools in Huron and Perth.

From the water side, the message is the importance of water in our lives. How we can use it more efficiently, where it comes from and how it impacts all life within the watershed.

On the agricultural side, organizers want students to be aware of the farmers in their community and where their food comes from and what’s involved in raising animals.

Hawkins says one of the great things about living in Huron or Perth is we are able to raise and grow our own food.

The Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival is today and tomorrow at the Seaforth Community Centre and Arena.

Hawkins also points out agriculture has moved away from mixed farming so a young person growing up on a chicken farm might not have any idea what goes on on a dairy farm further down the road as do students who live in urban centres in the two counties and haven’t experienced life on a farm.